10 Amazing Wedding Favors Ideas

Updated on Thursday 24th November 2016

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10 Amazing Wedding Favors Ideas Image
When choosing the perfect wedding favors for your guests, you do not have to make them too expensive or fancy. Just think about what kind of presents you would like to receive and keep as a memory yourself. Here are 10 amazing wedding favors ideas our wedding planners in Los Angeles find most attractive for your guests so that you can chose the ideal one for your special event.

1.    LA signature treats

When you are having your wedding in LA, it would be a great favors idea to offer your guests a taste of the regional favorites. Pack the goodies in a container designed in a classic style and place an original tag to each of them, like one made of one of your engagement pictures. Your guests will definitely remember your wedding!

2.    Offer flip-flops

Especially if you are having a wedding on the beach, flip-flops are amazing wedding favors because they can be used by your guests during the wedding, as well as after. And when the music starts, ladies can give up their high heels and gentlemen – their tight shoes and have fun on the dance floor! 

3.    Songs on a CD

Make a box at the exit with CDs of your favorite songs that were played during your wedding and give each of you guests one as a favor. 

4.    Go green

To show your appreciation for your guests, a wedding planner in Los Angeles recommends that you go green and offer eco-friendly favors that will last a long time after your wedding. These can consist of small plants in little boxes with the guest’s name and table number glued on each of them. This way, they can serve as escort cards, as well.

5.    Retro sweetmeats

You can make yourself pretty wedding favors by wrapping retro sweetmeats in vintage handkerchiefs with a nice name tag attached. 

6.    Mini bottles

Mini bottles can be great reminders of your wedding and the good thing is, they do not have an expiry date! You can fill them with whiskey, tequila or wine and add cute stickers with your message on them. 

7.    Jars with goodies

A nice wedding favors idea would be to let your guests choose a jar with homemade jelly, jam or honey. This will definitely put a smile on their faces every time they remember your special day!

8.    Tea sacks

What better way to unwind after an entire day of festivities than a cup of a nice tea and a bit of honey, packaged nicely with a thank you tag and a ribbon? 

9.    Mugs

Personalized coffee mugs make the perfect wedding favors. Take one and remember the event for years and years!

10.    A worthy cause

Instead of buying favors, our wedding planners advise you to place a card on each table stating that you chose to donate the money instead for a charity which means a lot to both of you. 

For more amazing wedding favors ideas, or if you would like our help with organizing your wedding, please contact our Los Angeles wedding planners.