7 Amazing Ideas for your Wedding in LA

Updated on Thursday 12th January 2017

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7 Amazing Ideas for your Wedding in LA Image
Your wedding is one of the most memorable moments of your entire life, and sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference in creating a truly amazing and unique event. Browse through the following seven amazing ideas for your wedding in LA and choose the one which you find more appropriate for your special day.

1.    A beautiful reception with red drape ceiling

A red colored wedding theme will definitely be remembered by you, as well as all your guests. This particular color, when used wisely, will create a dramatic and intimate atmosphere. Especially if the ceiling is carefully decorated with a flowing red drape. 

2.    Have a green flooring

In case you are hesitating between choosing an indoor or open air wedding, our wedding planners in Los Angeles can help you combine the two. We can recommend the right florist who can lay a “carpet” of green grass to cover the floor, so that you will feel like being in the middle of the green fields. It can make your wedding less official and more intimate. 

3.    Round seating arrangements

Consider a round seating arrangement for your guests instead of the customary straight rows. A wedding planner in Los Angeles suggests you to place the chairs in a round pattern with you and your chosen one in the center. This way, they can all see you better and everyone can feel more in touch with the entire ceremony. It can also make it seem more intimate. 

4.    Reception in an open tent

If you choose to have your reception in an open top tent, the sky and stars can be your best décor for the night. Many times, nature provides the most inspiring decorations, so why not take advantage of it? This way, the space can give the impression it is bigger and the guests will be able to enjoy the fireworks at the end. Besides, you will be protected in case the weather turns bad, as the tent can be covered in no time. 

5.    Have your own serenade

If your future husband can play an instrument, why not letting him sing to you while you are walking down the aisle? This way, he can remind you one more time of his never-ending love for you and it can be a very emotional moment for all your guests.

6.    Replace the bridesmaid flowers

great, original idea for your wedding in LA would be to have your bridesmaids carry parasols, fans, different colored feathers or, if your wedding is taking place during evening, small colored lanterns which could look very beautiful when on.

7.    Dance floor with flowers

If you ask a florist to design a hanging flower installation right above the dance floor. This way, no matter where you and your guests are and look at, they can see something beautiful and inspiring.

Our Los Angeles wedding planners can help you with the entire process of organizing your special event. For assistance, or if you would like to hear more amazing LA wedding ideas, we invite you to contact us.