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Updated on Monday 30th May 2016

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Preparing the wedding day is an exciting time, but there is a lot to think about, like having a great engagement party, organizing an exquisite bachelorette party and of course arranging the big beautiful wedding. We can tell it’s complicated because you don’t know where to start or how to plan and this is how groom disputes appear. For these reasons, the newlyweds are advised to choose the additional services of our wedding planners in Los Angeles. Besides planning carefully your wedding, we can also handle the following wedding related events:

•    Engagement parties;
•    Bachelorette/ bachelor parties;
•    Wedding rehearsal dinners;
•    Honeymoon travel arrangements.


How to have the perfect engagement party in L.A.

The first step is to tell all your friends and family that you are getting married and you are having an engagement party. Our wedding planners in Los Angeles will help you create a beautiful engagement event. These are a few important steps you must take into consideration when planning this type of event:

•    choose a budget, try to stick to it and don’t forget to include the party theme you’ve always dreamed of;
•    choose a date and make sure all the friends invited will be also at your wedding day;
•    be original and make simple and classy hand write invitations;
•    think about the kind of party atmosphere you want. For something low-key, a family member's house or backyard might be a great idea for your engagement party.


The bachelorette party means quality time with your best friends

Everyone says yes when the bachelor or the bachelorette party is announced. Our team can offer ideas and support for a bachelorette or bachelor party that you will never forget:

•    decide on a date and make sure it’s not on the night before the big wedding day, so you will avoid hangovers;
•    it is known that the guests must all be invited to the wedding, but this isn't essentially for bachelorette celebrations, so gather all your friends;
•    choose a location for the bachelorette party; frequently, the maid of honor and bridesmaids do the honors, but any friend or even colleagues who feel the impulse can plan this party;
•    the party is not cool if there are no gifts, so any funny ideas are more than welcome.

Say yes to the wedding rehearsal dinner in Los Angeles

They say practice makes perfect, so why not having a rehearsal dinner before the wedding ceremony day. Our wedding planners in L.A. are more than ready to explain to the newlyweds why this kind of event is very important.

A run-through your marriage party will guarantee everyone knows where to stand, when to walk and of course what to say during your beautiful ceremony. The wedding planner will tell you that it is not absolutely necessary to go through your entire vows, but revising the common order of things will help ensure that everyone knows when their part is coming up.

Get ready for your honeymoon

If you haven’t decided yet how to relax and spend some quality time on your honeymoon after a full, long and happy day, our wedding planners in L.A. can offer you many ideas and plenty of support.

Don't get obsessed on specific cities or countries and make a list with the type of experiences you are looking for, such as visiting landmarks, shopping, beach relaxation or just pure rest. Once you've come up with your list, compare it to your future husband and see which items you have in common.
Don’t forget to set a budget and then figure out where you can go to get the experiences and the joy you want.

Please contact our wedding planners in Los Angeles if you need additional planning services for the following types of events: engagement parties, wedding rehearsalsbachelorette events or honeymoons.