Band vs. DJ for a Wedding in LA

Updated on Saturday 09th July 2016

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Band or DJ for your wedding in LA? The question surely has arisen when you and your fiancé have discussed planning your special day. Our opinion is that a great DJ is preferable to an average band at any time, however a live band renders a special energy which recorded music cannot deliver. Before making your decision, take into account the pros and cons of a band vs. DJ for your wedding in LA and go for the one which fits best your wedding party.

Band for your LA wedding

A live band in a wedding creates a flavor of sophistication and it gets your guests involved and active on the dance floor. You can pick a band which fits with the theme of your wedding, with a variety of instruments that can please any taste. When it comes to comparing a band vs. DJ for an LA wedding, an appropriate bandleader can be the master of ceremonies for your reception if you prefer that he or she interacts with your guests on the dance floor, get a feel of the atmosphere and select the songs consequently. 


•    Live music will offer the chance to enjoy the band’s performance;
•    The songs can be selected in accordance with the needed excitement degree desired.


•    Bands can be more pricey than DJs;
•    Even if it is a great band, they still cannot equal the repertoire of a DJ.

DJ for your wedding in LA

Do not get stuck in the old cliché about a DJ, as the days of the disco fever and blinking lights are over. Nowadays, DJs are artists in the full sense of the word, being able to deliver a variety of styles that can fit any age. In addition, one of the main advantages of a DJ vs. band for a wedding in LA is that you can listen to your favorite songs in their original version and the DJ will occupy less dance floor space, being able to move relatively easy. Our Los Angeles wedding planners can make all the arrangements in case you decide to go for this option.


•    If you have certain songs that you would like to be played at your wedding, it will not be an issue for your DJ to find the tracks;
•    DJs are usually less expensive than bands;
•    A DJ can have a charismatic presence and also can be an emcee, heating up the atmosphere and maintaining a good mood.


•    If choosing the wrong person, a DJ can actually spoil the party;
•    Improvisation can be quite difficult, so if something unexpected happens during the father-daughter dance it will be difficult to save the appearances.

Please contact our wedding planners in Los Angeles if you need further assistance in choosing the right type of music for your wedding.