5 Wedding Beauty Routines

Updated on Sunday 27th November 2016

5 Wedding Beauty Routines Image
Certainly all brides want to look at their best on the wedding day so that they remember forever this special moment. With so many things on your mind when it comes to planning a wedding, one can easily get consumed by the big event and forget some of the most important aspects on how to look like the most beautiful and radiant bride. Our wedding planners in Los Angeles are here to help you with five wedding beauty routines which should not be missed by any future bride.

1.    Run, Forrest, run!

At least six months, preferably one year before the wedding date, start a fitness program that should include running outdoors and lifting weights. Running in the open air will leave you looking naturally beautiful, I will make you thinner, while lifting weights should add that extra tone to your arms and abdomen which will look astonishing in your wedding pictures. If you are a newbie, you can always hire a personal trainer in the first few months to show you how to train. Our Los Angeles wedding planners can help you find one who is close to the area where you can train or where you live.

2.    Eat right for your wedding in LA

As soon as you establish the wedding date, start eating healthy, adding vegetables, fruits and plenty of water to your diet which will clear up your skin. An important beauty routine for your wedding is being aware that unhealthy foods that are rich in sugar and sodium, which can make you bloated and add belly fat. Avoid too many carbs and fried foods, as well as alcohol which can turn your skin puffy and dry. If you do not know where to start with your eating habits, you can always use a nutritionist’s recommendations.

3.    Take care of your skin

What better occasion for some additional pampering than your own wedding? To look at your best on your special day, book monthly facial treatments to leave your skin looking fresh and revitalized. Professional aestheticians will give you face massages, take care of your scalp and cleavage skin to make it look healthy and improve blood circulation. All done after a proper skin extraction which, when effectuated by pros, will clear up the face and leave you looking more radiant than ever.

4.    The perfect eyebrows for your LA wedding

The perfect eyebrows do not just happen, they are taken care of, which is an important beauty tip for brides before marriage. A beauty expert will recommend the ideal color and shape of your eyebrows to fit perfectly your face, after which they will be trimmed, waxed or threaded around the arches every three weeks. 

5.    Beauty from inside out

Vitamins are an important aspect of a beautiful skin, so our Los Angeles wedding planners recommend you to take mainly vitamin A which fights wrinkles, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids which help our skin retain moisture and inhibit wrinkles. 

For more beauty routines for your wedding, as well as assistance with planning your special event, we invite you to contact a wedding planner in Los Angeles.