7 Tips on how to Choose the Wedding Flowers

Updated on Wednesday 26th October 2016

7 Tips on how to Choose the Wedding Flowers Image
Flowers at a wedding are a must. All weddings have flowers arrangements, and when it comes to how to choose them, a wedding planner in Los Angeles knows all the tips. Some of the most important tips on how to choose the perfect wedding flowers consist of the following.

1.    Make a budget for your LA wedding

Shortly, this tip on how to choose the wedding flowers is about making a budget and sticking to it! There is no use to spend more than you can afford, since you still have to live after the wedding and there are beautiful flowers available for every budget!

2.    Consider the surroundings

It is important to looks at the surrounding space and take into consideration how the flowers will complement the wedding venue. If your wedding will take place at a venue with great ocean view, for example, you do not want to choose tall flowers as they might block the view.

3.    Begin looking for flowers in LA in time

Our wedding planners in Los Angles know from their experience that some florists can be booked even with one year in advance. Searching for one later might make you realize that a lot of florists are not able to accommodate you because of their busy schedule.

4.    Match the flowers with your dress

Commonly purchased first, your wedding dress will dictate the style of the entire wedding, including the flowers. Our Los Angeles wedding planners can advise you on the most appropriate flowers which best suit the wedding dress. Also, consider your own height – if you are petite, a smaller bouquet will best compliment you.

5.    Think about your wedding theme

One of our top wedding flowers tips is to consider your wedding theme. Some themes can be about a favorite color around which the entire wedding is about, or a favorite music and so on. After you have decided on a theme, communicate it to your florist so that he or she gets inspired and can make the most suitable flower suggestions.

6.    Match the colors

It is an extremely important tip on how to choose the wedding flowers. Flowers can match the wedding colors extremely well and create a great visual effect. Also, contrasting colors will make different aspects of your wedding stand out. Like for example, if the bridesmaids will wear neutral dresses, a colorful bouquet will make them look even more beautiful.

7.    Customize

You can customize your wedding flowers by adding your grandmother’s brooch to the bouquet or carrying the same flowers your mother did at her wedding. This will make your day feel even more personal and special.

Our wedding planners in Los Angeles can help you plan your entire wedding to the last detail. For guidance and further tips on how to choose the flowers for your wedding, please contact us.