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Finding a Wedding Videographer

Finding a Wedding Videographer image November 28, 2016

An important aspect of organizing your special day is finding a wedding videographer who can record your ceremony and party according to your own desires and preferences.

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5 Wedding Beauty Routines

5 Wedding Beauty Routines image November 27, 2016

Certainly all brides want to look at their best on the wedding day so that they remember forever this special moment. With so many things on your mind when it comes to planning a wedding, one can easily get consumed by the big event and forget some of the most important aspects on how to look like the most beautiful and radiant bride.

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Spa Honeymoons – the Perfect Getaway

Spa Honeymoons – the Perfect Getaway image November 17, 2016

Spa honeymoons can be the perfect getaway after months and months of planning a wedding, nervousness and endless lists, being your chance to be pampered and unwind with no care in the world.

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Save Hidden Wedding Expenses

Save Hidden Wedding Expenses image November 10, 2016

In our Los Angeles wedding planners’ experience, even though a certain budget is established, there are always certain unexpected hidden expenses when organizing a wedding. In order to avoid them and save money on any hidden wedding expenses, we put together a few tips which are easy to follow if you know them beforehand.

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How to Choose your Best Man

How to Choose your Best Man image November 6, 2016

Choosing the best man for your wedding could prove to be problematic when the groom has to make this decision, so here are a few pieces of advice from our wedding planners in Los Angeles on this matter.

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