Finding a Wedding Videographer

Updated on Monday 28th November 2016

Finding a Wedding Videographer Image
An important aspect of organizing your special day is finding a wedding videographer who can record your ceremony and party according to your own desires and preferences. Our wedding planners in Los Angeles know how important it is to create the perfect memories of your wedding and put together a few pieces of advice on this matter which we think are helpful.

Narrow your options for your wedding in LA

The first step in finding the ideal videographer for your wedding is making a list with the ones who you will be interviewing. To make the list, you can visit online sites which enable you to specify the kind of videographer you are looking for and the location where the wedding will take place. They usually give you a list of available vendors in your area. Another option would be to consult with your wedding planner in Los Angeles, who has a list of videographers who worked with us in the past. Since we aready know the background and type of work they do, we can present you with a list of the most appropriate ones according to your specific requirements.

Meet face to face

Because your videographer will follow you around all day and catch the most intimate moments spent at your wedding, it is important to feel at ease with him or her. Therefore, it is recommended that you meet face to face before making the final decision and see how you get along. After you met at least a couple of them, require to see a full video of their previous work, as demos tend to show only the best parts of a recording.

Style and cost of the wedding videographer in LA

When looking for a wedding videographer, you should also decide on which style you would like to adopt for your recording. Different videographers have various styles, among which we mention:

•    Documentary style, including voice overs, interviews and so on;
•    Artistic and cinematic style;
•    Reality TV style.

As about the costs involved, producing quality videos is quite an expensive business which requires a lot of work. Generally, you can expect the same prices for videography as you would pay for the wedding photos, as the equipment is expensive and the video requires several days of full work. Cheaper does not necessarily involve better, so make sure you choose carefully when finding the videographer for your wedding

If you need assistance when finding a videographer for your wedding, please contact our Los Angeles wedding planners.