How to Choose your Best Man

Updated on Sunday 06th November 2016

How to Choose your Best Man Image
The best man plays an important role in a wedding, being – most probably – in charge of organizing the bachelor’s party, carrying the rings at the ceremony, holding a toast for the newlyweds and many more. Choosing the best man for your wedding could prove to be problematic when the groom has to make this decision, so here are a few pieces of advice on this matter from our wedding planners in Los Angeles.

Several best men for your LA wedding

When confronted with a complex situation, it is always good to go back to the basics and simplify. If you have a brother, he can be the perfect best man for your wedding and there will be no egos getting offended since all your other friends will understand your choice. If you do not have a brother and have several friends who are up for the task, it might be a good idea to have two best men. This also applies if you have two brothers. In consequence, you can give each of them a task, problem solved!

A good public speaker for your wedding in LA

The best man speech is something your wedding guests are looking forward to, so think about who is a good speaker in public. A wedding planner in Los Angeles also recommends you to choose the person who best suits the type of speech you would like to hear at your wedding, be it one full of humor or a more sensitive and romantic one. Then choose according to your preferences the person who you think will hold the right speech.

Someone you can rely on at your wedding in LA

Unquestionably, the best man has to be someone you can rely on before, during and after the wedding. Keep in mind it has to be someone who – preferably – is punctual, will not forget to bring the rings or make inappropriate remarks at the toast. Therefore, it is best to choose a best man who is actively involved in both of your lives, as there will be no need for any extra tension or anxiety on your special day.

If you need more advice on how to choose your best man, we are here to help you make the perfect choice; we invite you to get in touch with our Los Angeles wedding planners who can assist you on this important decision.