How to Match the Jewelries with your Wedding Dress

Updated on Tuesday 30th August 2016

How to Match the Jewelries with your Wedding Dress Image
The wedding knocks on the door, the shoes are in their box, and you have already chosen the perfect makeup and hairstyle for your exclusive ceremony in Los Angeles. But what about the jewelries for your wedding outfit? Don’t worry, our wedding planners in Los Angeles are here to guide you on this important stage, and will gladly give you proper recommendations, in order to select beautiful jewelries for your wedding dress

The wedding planning services in Los Angeles are the suitable option for you, if you intend to get married in the city and you need details and information about how to choose the wedding dress and also the special jewelries.

Choosing the perfect jewelries for your wedding dress

Every bride dreams about the perfect wedding, and besides choosing the desired make-up, the beautiful wedding dress and the perfect silky wedding shoes, you should definitely start searching for your jewelries. As you probably know, less is more, so instead of completing your wedding outfit with many diamonds, pearls, crystals and many other accessories, you can stay classy and elegant with only a few items.

For example, if you choose to wear a tiara at your wedding in Los Angeles, you can match it with some elegant crystals already attached to your wedding dress. For a romantic and classic look, this would be a proper option for you. And for extra sparkling you can add a pair of crystal earrings that should not go beyond the earlobe. If you are a bride that would love to wear a veil, it is recommended to match it with a beautiful diamond necklace that falls delicately down the cleavage of your princess wedding dress. You can also add a simple and elegant diamond bracelet, and this is how you’ll get the extra gentle touch.

Recommendations before you buy the jewelries for your wedding in LA

Our LA wedding planners recommend you to purchase the wedding jewelries one month before your special day. This is how you will avoid any problems and you’ll make sure that the chosen jewelries will be ready to wear.

Wearing something old at your wedding is a well-known tradition, so you can ask your relatives about a vintage necklace or earrings. Besides that, they can be worn for good luck.  It is good to know that a vintage necklace will match correctly with a 1920 wedding dress look-a-like, with a dropped waist design and decorated with creamy pearls. If you choose to wear your hair down it is recommended to wear long statement earrings for a special appearance and romantic look. They will match perfectly with a tulle wedding dress combined with delicate lace around the shoulders.

Our Los Angeles wedding planner will gladly answer to all your questions about how to match the jewelries with your wedding dress, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.