One Day before Your Wedding Day - Final Arrangements

Updated on Sunday 11th September 2016

One Day before Your Wedding Day - Final Arrangements Image
The countdown has begun, you are getting married and there’s no turning back! Don’t worry, there is no need to panic, just try to make everything in order and get ready for the big day. Every bride thinks about what needs to be done before the major event, and without any questions, there will be worries if the flower decors, the restaurant, the menus, the outfit will be as expected. Our wedding planners in Los Angeles are here to guide you when you prepare the final arrangements for your exclusive wedding in LA.

How to take care of you one day before your wedding in LA?

Feelings, emotions, worries, and many other thoughts might come to mind, and it is recommended not to get overwhelmed. Regarding the final arrangements for your wedding in Los Angeles, we have prepared a few important recommendations, in order to ease the bride’s tasks before her big moment.

First of all, you need to get some good night sleep, because the lack of sleep can create dark circles under your eyes, redness to the whites of the eyes, and you wouldn’t want to look exhausted or to be nervous. And speaking of eyes, you can have a make-up free day and let the skin breathe.

Before your LA wedding, you can take care of your manicure and pedicure and also of your hair. It is important to wash the hair one day before the special event, this way the stylist will easier arrange it. And if you wish to get rid of stress, you can treat yourself with aromatherapy massage.

Check-out once again the wedding outfit

Although you’ve already checked the wedding dress, the jewelries, the wedding shoes and the gown for your future husband, it is recommended to look once again and see if everything is in order. If there are any adjustments to be made, this is the last day to repair or to replace something, if necessary. Don’t forget to prepare the replacement shoes for your wedding in LA, if you have chosen to wear high heels. It is more than recommended having an extra pair of shoes at your big wedding ceremony

Our Los Angeles wedding planners are here to assist you on your final arrangements before the big event, so make sure to ask for help, if you have any doubts. They will also contact the vendors to see if everything is according to schedule, if the menus and the wedding cake are ready to be delivered.  Make sure to prepare an emergency kit with some cotton wipes, band-aids, bobby pins, safety pins, thread and needle, because they might come in handy.

While preparing for the big day, our wedding planner in LA will take care of many other important items for your wedding. You can contact us for additional information or for wedding planning services in LA.