Save Hidden Wedding Expenses

Updated on Thursday 10th November 2016

Save Hidden Wedding Expenses Image
In our Los Angeles wedding planners’ experience, even though a certain budget is established, there are always certain unexpected hidden expenses when organizing a wedding. In order to avoid them and save money on any hidden wedding expenses, we put together a few tips which are easy to follow if you know them beforehand.

Be aware of the season costs

A lot like most purchases and holiday bookings, wedding costs tend to be more expensive at specific times of the year when most couples are planning their special event. For example, June is the customary month of the brides, being the month when the prices for the majority of venues grow, as well as those of catering and decoration services. 

Live bad equipment costs

Sometimes there can be hidden costs to a wedding connected to the live band equipment. That is, if the reception area is extremely large, there might be necessary to add supplementary speakers and microphones in order to have the best quality of sound in the entire area. In case this happens, make sure you explain the space layout with the live band before making the reservation for it. In this way, the musicians will know exactly what the situation is and how much they can charge you, without changing the price afterwards so that you save any hiddden wedding expenses.

Contracts and venues

Inform yourself properly on all the pros and cons for every wedding venue in order to avoid any hidden wedding expenses. If, for example, you are planning to have an outdoors wedding, verify that every detail, like fire regulations to city regulations, are being obeyed, to avoid expensive bills for any permits of an outdoors event. A wedding planner in Los Angeles can provide more details in regards to this type of hidden wedding expenses.

Guest transportation costs

Although the couple having the wedding is generally not responsible for the guest transportation to the wedding venue, sometimes it could be necessary to make sure everyone gets back home safe after consuming certain amounts of alcohol. If you cannot find a friend or a family member to give them a ride home, it might be necessary to pay a taxi fare. 

To find out more on how to cut the hidden wedding costs, please get in touch with our wedding planners in Los Angeles