Spa Honeymoons – the Perfect Getaway

Updated on Thursday 17th November 2016

Spa Honeymoons – the Perfect Getaway Image
Spa honeymoons can be the perfect getaway after months and months of planning a wedding, nervousness and endless lists, being your chance to be pampered and unwind with no care in the world. For several days, you can relax and be spoiled, enjoying the time spent together as new husband and wife. 

Where to go after your wedding in LA?

When deciding which spa honeymoon to choose, our Los Angeles wedding planners suggest that you think about your preferences and the things you would like to do to celebrate your marriage. Important things to analyze are the size and services offered by the spa. This way, you can narrow down the list of available spas by deciding whether you would like a more intimate environment or a more populous location. A lot of spas dispose of private villas which offer the ultimate intimacy, while some others can include several rooms.

When thinking about the spa honeymoon destinations, some of the most popular ones nowadays are comprised of:

•    Argentina, Brasil;
•    Bali;
•    Africa;
•    France;
•    Caribbean;
•    Hawaii;
•    Mexico;
•    Italy;
•    Turkey;
•    Ireland and the U.K.;
•    Inside the U.S.;
•    Spas on a cruise ship.

A wedding planner in Los Angeles can present you with different spa options in all of these fantastic destinations. 

What is there to do in a spa honeymoon after you got married in LA?

A lot of spa honeymoon venues specialize in offering various activities for both spouses, having spa or golf facilities, spa or tennis ones and so on. Therefore, both newlyweds will have an interesting activity to choose from. Husbands could, for example, book and have couple massages, and maybe make a nice surprise to their wives by letting her be spoiled with a wide variety of spa treatments available while they go outside in the open air for a few rounds of golf. There are also spas which offer different water treatments, like mineral baths and cold plunges, underwater massages, hot tubs, jets and many more.

Some resorts propose a wide variety of courses available too, like cooking, dancing or gardening courses, which could be fun to go to as a couple. At the same time, there can be plenty of other outside attractions which could be amusing to visit. 

If you would like us to help you choose the perfect spa honeymoon, please do get in touch with our wedding planners in Los Angeles.