Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Updated on Friday 23rd December 2016

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Image
On your wedding day, there can be many emergencies which can arise and it is better to be prepared rather than sorry. A wedding day emergency kit is a must have for any bride for the ceremony and reception. Here is a list of the things to put in it to overcome any accidents or small crises which could happen on your big day. You can pack them in a cute tote bag or tackle box and make sure to have it handy at all times during the wedding day. A wedding planner in Los Angeles can help you with this matter, making sure that everything that you could possible need is close and ready to save the day. 

Toiletries and hygiene for your wedding in LA

Personal hygiene items like makeup remover or mouthwash are crucial to have nearby in your wedding day survival kit. Ensure that you have the following items with you before you leave for your wedding:

•    Toothbrush and toothpaste;
•    Mouthwash;
•    Hand sanitizer;
•    Tampons;
•    Razor;
•    Breath mints;
•    Lip balm;
•    Makeup remover;
•    Baby powder;
•    Cotton balls and Q-Tips.

Sewing kit

Even though it might seem a bit too much, a sewing kit comes handy in case any of you – the bride, the groom, the guests or one of the bridesmaids – have an emergency when their attire cracks or a button falls. You definitely want to be prepared for such an unpleasant situation by placing in your bag items such as:

•    Hem tape;
•    Scissors;
•    Needles and different color threads;
•    Safety pins;
•    Fashion tape;
•    Clear nail polish – for nail retouches, as well as pantyhose tears;
•    Super glue;
•    Lint roller;
•    Chalk.

Beauty items for your LA wedding

Obviously, the wedding day is the one when you want to look even more beautiful than ever. After several hours, your hair or makeup could get damaged. It is best to be prepared to add any retouches, so our wedding planners in Los Angeles advise you to put in the wedding day emergency kit the following:

•    Hairspray;
•    Comb and brush;
•    Lipstick;
•    Eyeliner;
•    Mascara;
•    Eye cream;
•    Face or cover up makeup.

Small medical emergencies

Sometimes a great day can be shadowed by a terrible headache, a minor cut or blisters. Make sure to pack in the wedding day emergency kit a few of these things, which should ensure you will have a truly wonderful day:

•    Pain relievers;
•    Moleskin;
•    Band aids;
•    Allergy medications, especially if your wedding is outdoors;
•    Blister treatment and a pair of comfy shoes just in case you get too tired of those high heels on the dancing floor.

If you need further details on how to put together the wedding day emergency kit, please contact our Los Angeles wedding planners