Wedding Planner vs. Day-of-Coordinator: What Exactly do They Do?

Updated on Sunday 18th December 2016

Wedding Planner vs. Day-of-Coordinator: What Exactly do They Do? Image
You probably heard the terms “wedding plannerandday-of-coordinator” even before your engagement. There is a lot of confusion between the two, since they both have to do with organizing a wedding. Below, our wedding planners in Los Angeles would like to explain everything you need to know about what exactly a wedding planner vs. a day-of-coordinator does.

Wedding planners in LA

A wedding planner in Los Angeles has the job of ensuring that your wedding goes as you have always dreamed of. He or she is the one who has a detailed discussion about you vision and then helps you make it a reality by selecting the right caterers, wedding florists, invitations and so on. Among his or her responsibilities, we would like to mention:

•    Helping you draw out your budget;
•    Searching for a venue;
•    Wedding design and styling;
•    Setting the details of the wedding day with the vendors;
•    Preparing the wedding guest list and following the RSPVs;
•    Recommending and booking vendors;
•    Negotiation of wedding vendor contracts;
•    Establishing the wedding layout and seating charts;
•    Planning other events related to your wedding, like the bachelorette’s party and post-wedding brunch;
•    Organizing the timeline of the wedding day and weekend;
•    Supervising everything on the wedding day.

Day-of-coordinators in LA

A day-of-coordinator in LA is the one who organizes everything on your wedding day. He or she is not going to help you with choosing the right venue or vendor, or set up the wedding design, but will make sure that the plans you made for the wedding turn into reality on your special day. A day-of-coordinator is the person in charge of the responsibilties on the wedding day, unlike a wedding planner in Los Angeles who is hired for longer periods of time - two or three months - and has responsibilities over a longer time frame. When it comes to a day-of-coordinator’s responsibilities, these are as follows:

•    Making sure that the crucial planning details are taken care of;
•    Ensuring the vendors have all the details for the wedding day, like parking info and directions to the venue;
•    Organize the timeline of the wedding day;
•    Confirming the vendors will be there;
•    Supervising everything on the day of the wedding.

We offer wedding planning, as well as day-off-coordinating services for our clients in LA, depending on their own needs and desires. If you need any of these services for your wedding, we invite you to get in touch with our Los Angeles wedding planners.