What Is the Price for My Wedding in LA?

Updated on Friday 01st July 2016

What Is the Price for My Wedding in LA? Image
If you decided to do this big step in your lives, you are probably wondering what the price for your wedding in LA is. The first thing you should do is to establish what your budget is, then feel free to spoil yourself – after  all it is your special day when all your dreams come true. Take a look at this average prices and choose according to your own financial possibilities. 

Average price of a wedding in LA

A survey made by Costofwedding.com indicates that the approximate price couples pay for a wedding in LA is between USD 15,760 and USD 26,266.

Average cost of wedding in LA by number of guests

The cost per guest for a wedding in LA varies from USD 191 to USD 233, therefore if you wish to lower the overall LA wedding price, the best option is to narrow down the guest list. A wedding planner in Los Angeles can provide more details on this. 

The most expensive components of a wedding in LA

There are four most expensive components of a wedding which you have to pay attention to when planning your special day, summing up to almost 90% of the entire wedding price in LA. These are:

1.    Wedding venue: the venue is not generally one huge price, however there are a series of above average expenses which add up to it. These expenses are comprised of:
      a.    Venue and ceremony location rental average price: USD 2,819 – USD 7.518;
      b.    Ceremony officiant average price: USD 161 – USD 430;
      c.    Bar Service average price: USD 1,871 – USD 4, 990;
      d.    Catered food average price: USD 3,743 – USD 9,982;
      e.    Equipment rental: These might include supplementary equipment necessary, like tables, chairs and so on. The average price for these is of USD 1,351 – USD 3,602.
2.   Engagement ring: The average price for the engagement ring widely varies depending on the shape, size and designer label. However, studies are showing that couples in LA are spending between USD 2,615 and USD 6,972 for the engagement ring.
3.   Photographer: Taking photos of your wedding is also one of the most expensive components, with prices varying from USD 1,346 and USD 3,588 for an experienced one, and this does not include the cost of a videographer.
4.   Reception Band: According to our wedding planners in Los Angeles, it is worth to give it a thought whether to choose a live band or a DJ, the latter being generally less expensive. The average cost of having a band at your reception is of USD 1,301 to USD 3,470 for experienced musicians.

The costs of your wedding in Los Angeles depend mainly on the number of guests, on the location and on the vendors you choose. If you need guidance in establishing a budget for your wedding and choosing the most suited suppliers for your event, we kindly invite you to contact our LA wedding planners.