Bridal Bouquets in LA

Updated on Wednesday 17th August 2016

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The bridal bouquet is the most important floral element and should balance and emphasise the beauty of the wedding dress and their own beauty on that special day. Picking the right flowers of the bouquet and its design are best performed in advance and with the help of a florist who will also help you pick all of the other floral elements for the wedding.

Our wedding planners in Los Angeles work closely with florists who are able to pick the perfect style and colour palette for the bouquet and the rest of the floral elements, according to the theme of the wedding and the venue.

The bouquet, an important piece 

A beautiful bridal bouquet does not stand out on its own, but with the help of other related elements, like the style of the dress, colour patterns and chosen designs. A single colour bouquet or one that is too large can not only look out of place but will also look unfitting in the wedding pictures. 

The wedding date and venue are two essential elements that will guide you when choosing the perfect bridal bouquet. A florist can work with these elements to give you the best bouquet ideas according to the flowers that are available at that time. 

It is also important to pair the bouquet with the dress. A fitted, long wedding gown can be paired with a cascading bridal bouquet while a simple and delicate wedding gown allows for more imagination with a bohemian or oversized bridal bouquet. Some prefer to pair the colour of the bridal bouquet with the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses. 

Our team of wedding planners in Los Angeles know how important flowers are in the overall arrangement of the wedding day. Our team can help you handle these delicate details not only for the bouquet but also for the decoration of the venue.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing the bridal bouquet

The bouquet can be an accent and can be used as such to bring out the best in pictures. For example, a bouquet made out of flowers that contrast the bride’s dress or the bridesmaid’s dresses can add a real pop of colour hat will liven both the day and the pictures.

An important thing to remember is to talk to the florist and express any wishes early on. It is also a good idea not to postpone the visit to the florist or order the bridal bouquet too late.

Our wedding planners in Los Angeles can help you pick the right bridal bouquet and come up with all of the floral decoration ideas after we help you pick the date and location of the wedding.

You can contact us if you have questions and need help picking the right floral decorations and elements for the wedding.