Candy Bars Options for your Wedding in LA

Updated on Tuesday 13th September 2016

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If it's about sweetness and love, your wedding in LA should definitely have an original candy reception, so that your guests will enjoy and be impressed by the event, being one to always remember. Our wedding planners in LA will help you choose the best suppliers for your wedding candy bar, matching your event theme.

Candy bar presentation for your wedding in LA 

First of all, you should think of a color scheme that is matching your wedding palette so that every detail of your wedding would be a piece to the great puzzle. Also, you should think of placing them not only to the candy bar reception, but also make use of the centerpieces, so that you can add freshness and life to your candy table

When it comes to candy bar options for your wedding in LA you should also think of a way of creating another attractive point of view on your table. Candy is not just to be eaten, but also you can play with. Great ideas in decorating your candy bar can be brought to life if the proper providers are contacted, due to our wedding planners in LA.

You can use ribbons, linens and decorative paper and boxes, jars and recipients of different sizes in order to create a visually captivating overall display. Be careful that you don't overdo the design of your candy bar because it can cause sensory overload. Our wedding planners in LA will provide assistance in making the right choice for your candy bar at your wedding.

What kinds of sweets and fruits you can use for your LA wedding candy bar

You should consider specific colors in link to your wedding theme. Monochromatic palettes can be elegant and astounding, but a varied palette of colors can also be an option if you choose it well. 

Another important aspect is to check the weather on your wedding day and avoid having candies that can easily melt, for example. Moreover, if you want to add fresh fruits in your table, make sure they are even in season. Our wedding planners in LA say that it will be great if, besides fruits and candies, you could consider other types of mini-cookies, nuts or other selections of sweets. Please consider that some guests may be allergic to some ingredients and this being given, you can either make attentive choices or clearly mark the ones with allergic potential.

Keep it simple, instead of having a variety of flavors and types of candy, you can choose a specific flavor profile. The sugar rush will definitely be enjoyed, whether it's about a chocolate truffle tribute or a muffin & macaroon bar.

Our LA team of wedding planners will assure you the connection with the best providers so that your candy bar is fresh and attractive. In addition, we recommend hiring an attendant that will take care that the candy bar does not look messy during the reception. Another option is to consider offering candy at the end of the event when the guests leave.

An important aspect is to buy at least 1/4 - 1/2 lbs of candy per guest, which is a good estimate. You should know that some guests take less and some take more, so you must be equally prepared. 

As for the prices, a recommended estimate for most candy bars options for your wedding in LA run roughly $5 per guest. If you have more than 100 guests, that’s easily over $500. Of course, you can go lower than that. Our wedding planners in LA will help you make the right choice depending on your wedding budget.

If you want your candy bar for your wedding in LA be the best sensorial adventure at your event, please contact our team of wedding planners, who will keep the communication with the proper suppliers for your sweets table until the successful implementation of their services.