Choosing a Wedding Dress in LA

Updated on Tuesday 02nd August 2016

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Wedding planning can be an exciting time and an opportunity to envision all of your wishes for a perfect day. The wedding dress may just be the most important dress you ever pick and every bride wants to make sure that she is a vision of beauty on her wedding day. The best way to choose the perfect wedding dress is to try on as many different styles and options as you can. And stay true to your unique style and ideas.

Our wedding planners in Los Angeles can help you plan and organize your wedding day. You can take the time to choose a wedding theme of your liking and afterward choose a wedding dress that will suit the décor. 

The perfect dress for your wedding in LA

The perfect wedding dress is not only one that looks exactly the way you want it to but also one that suits your silhouette. A general rule is to pick a dress that will help you emphasize your most beautiful traits and slightly conceal your less-favourite features.

Wedding dresses can be designed to fit the needs of five body types: hourglass, rectangle body shape, inverted, apple shape or pear shape. However, most women cannot fit perfectly within one of these categories and will need to find a dress that complements their unique silhouette

A key advice for every soon-to-be-bride is to be patient and try on as many wedding dresses as possible. While you may have a clear image of what the ideal dress looks like, it is also a good thing to keep an open mind and try on different styles that you wouldn’t have considered initially. 

One of our Los Angeles wedding planners can give you information about the local bridal stores in Los Angeles and neighbouring cities. It is important to include the wedding dress and accessories in the overall wedding budget.

Tips for choosing your wedding dress

Don’t hurry: you should not postpone trying on your wedding dress until one month before the big event. You can start looking at dresses early on and talk to a designer who will be able to make a custom wedding dress, according to your wishes and silhouette.

Schedule your wedding dress appointments: if possible, try scheduling your wedding dress appointments early in the morning. You will be less tired and the shop will be less crowded. Another great idea is to take photos if the store allows you to. This way, after a successful try-on day you can look back on your available choices. 

Choose the right accessories: you and your dress will be the center of attention but the accessories you choose also play a vital role in the overall look. The wedding photos will mainly show the top of the wedding dress – from the waist up – and also the tiara and the veil. 

While you focus on finding the perfect wedding dress, our wedding planners in Los Angeles can take care of the other items of your wedding to-do list.

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