Choosing the Bridal Tiara in LA

Updated on Wednesday 03rd August 2016

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Wedding accessories are a matter of personal taste and choice and the tiara is a type of wedding headpiece that is able to draw attention and emphasize the whole look. Along with the white dress, a tiara is a classic option for a wedding headpiece and throughout history, it has been associated with royalty.

Today, not every bride wants a traditional look and wedding tiaras for brides in LA are not mandatory. If you want a more romantic wedding theme, you can take your time to choose the bridal tiara that will help you complete the look and even feel like a princess on your wedding day.

A wedding planner in Los Angeles can answer all of your questions related to wedding themes, trends, prices and unique wedding day ideas.

The princess look

The tiara is a type of bridal headpiece that can be worn regardless of the hairstyle you choose, with the hair up or down. This headpiece is associated with a princess look and it is glamorous by itself so you will have to pay attention to the manner in which you pair the other accessories with the tiara.

You can match the details and decorations on your wedding dress with the ones on the tiara. For example, if you have small crystals on the wedding dress you can choose a tiara that has the same ornaments. The color of the headpiece should also match the one of the dress but if you choose to wear silver jewellery, you can pick a silver tiara.

Picking the right bridal tiara

The right bridal tiara suits your face shape and your dress. Tiaras come in different styles and sizes and they can be decorated with pearls, crystals, and other jewels. The following are some common tiara styles:
-    royal: a classic and formal crown look, it is one of the most popular types;
-    wishbone: a vintage tiara that slightly rises above the crown of your head;
-    headband: a very simple tiara that is versatile and can be chosen by brides who want a simpler look;

Your hairstylist can help you place your tiara in the correct way, on the crown of your head. You should also discuss your tiara choice with the hairstylist before the wedding day so that you can both talk about suitable hairstyles to match and compliment your head accessories.

While you are busy choosing the dress and accessories, our wedding planners in Los Angeles can handle other important aspects related to your wedding. We can help you pick the wedding location and handle all the organizational details related to the wedding. 

Call our Los Angeles wedding planners today for more information about our services and how you can create the perfect wedding day in Los Angeles.