Entertainment Options for your LA Wedding

Updated on Wednesday 27th July 2016

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Joining a wedding could be a privilege, however it can sometimes get boring, even in a dream-like venue. In order to avoid seeing guests glancing at their watches to see how much more they have to endure, here are a few tips on how to entertain them at your LA wedding.

1.    Open the ceremony with an acrobatic show

For a memorable wedding which will be remembered forever by your guests, you can opt for entertainment options for your LA wedding with a team of acrobats who can perform different acrobatic drills. You can choose from a variety of acrobats, from hand balancing ones, to Adagio and Tumbling acrobats, all of them being there to make sure they turn your dreams of a unique wedding into reality.

2.    Professional dancers in LA

You can have your wedding guests entertained by professional dancers. Whether you prefer tango lessons, country line dance or an entire dance stage show, they are able to fulfill your wishes. Make your wedding party fun and exciting with professional dancers who are extremely talented and who will entertain your guests and spice up the dance floor! Our wedding planners in Los Angeles can arrange all the details for such an entertainment option.

3.    Reception Quartet

Heat up the wedding party with musicians who play a wide range of musical styles to match your taste and the theme of your special event. Your wedding can receive a refined and stylish sound with a string quartet, made of two violinists, one violist and a cellist. 

4.    Themed entertainment

You can have a themed entertainment at your wedding by hiring actors to play different parts which will create a fun atmosphere, from a Major Domo costumed in a Renaissance outfit to act as your ring bearer or the couple who you did not invite but they show up at the wedding anyway going through all kinds of humorous adventures at the ceremony, making guests laugh.

5.    Outdoor games in LA

Outdoor activities can be exciting entertainment options for your LA wedding, since you can select a few which are fun and exciting. Our Los Angeles wedding planners like the “human ring toss” in which a hula hoop is directed at a guest instead of a wooden pole. You can always begin a competition on this – all it takes to make your guests laugh, which is not so common and gets people on their feet and have a great time. Suggestion: start the hula-hooping competition after some pre-reception drinks for added fun.

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