Floral Decoration Ideas for your Wedding in LA

Updated on Monday 04th July 2016

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Floral Decoration Ideas for your Wedding in LA Image
Floral decorations are always in trend, being able to instantly improve the feel of the wedding venue and allowing you to beautifully ornament anything from your aisles to ceilings! Here are our floral decoration ideas for your wedding in LA.

Fresh picked bouquet

You can choose heather, chamomile, gooseneck loosestrife, white daisies, scabiosa, raspberries and wild sweet peas and combine them together in a fresh picked adornment knotted with a yellow bend.

Floral curtains

Forget about the fabric. Replace traditional curtains with garlands of hand-strung blooms. They will create a special look and your guests will love walking through them. Our Los Angeles wedding planners can give you more tips on this type of floral arrangement

Floral ceiling

One of the trendiest floral decoration ideas for your wedding in LA is the floral ceiling. The ceiling changes an entire room when it is covered with beautiful flowers. 

Aisles and pew ends

Although the floral decoration idea of pew ends might seem a bit old fashioned, floral decorations for your ceremony area can represent a modern way to personalize your wedding. Tie small bouquets of the wedding flowers of your choice to the aisle chairs and subtly introduce your wedding theme, making your ceremony even more stunning. You could even place single flower heads in tiny tealight holders and suspend them from the chairs.

Carnation bouquet

A bouquet made of Putumayo carnations is as successful as if it was made of the more expensive anemones, Majolica roses and passion vine, offering a sophisticated and classy look. In order to lower the prices even more, use the more expensive flowers for the bouquet and centerpieces, and allow carnations only to adorn other decorations.

Centerpiece made of flowers

Small daisies, baby’s breath and Queen Anne’s lace can be combined together in a beautiful arrangement on top of a tall, classy candlestick, which is another great floral decoration idea for your LA wedding.

Floral Boutonnieres

Mix filler flowers such as mimosa and goldenrod with fruits and herbs to create boutonnieres. 

To create the boutonnieres, cut every flower into around four inches. Then arrange the clippings in a zigzag formation at various heights and bind the stems one with the other with floral tape. Cover with a ribbon and cut the ends with scissors to make them equal. 

For more floral decoration ideas we invite you to get in touch with our wedding planners in Los Angeles.