How to Choose a Wedding Date in LA

Updated on Monday 30th May 2016

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How to choose a wedding date in LA, similarly to choosing the theme, is an important issue to take as a couple, with a huge impact on your special day. You might have an idea of where you imagine yourself saying your vows and what your cake will look like, but until you decide an exact date for the wedding, you cannot commit too much. You might be wondering how to choose a wedding date in LA which is convenient to everyone and still remains special to you. Follow these tips below and you will find that choosing a wedding date is easier that you thought.

Choose a season

If you already know the area where you will get married, pick a season – a period of six to eight weeks when you would like your wedding to take place. Planning to get married in the mountains? Then elude the muddy spring and keep it mind it rains almost every day during the summer. Or perhaps you want to have your ceremony on the beach? Mind you the hurricane season in June to November, and March might cause loads of onlookers to turn out uninvited on the wedding spot.

Find out which dates are not appropriate

Contact your important guests and find out which dates during the chosen season are not suitable for them. Perhaps your parents will travel abroad? Or your sister might have her final exam? Make a list with non-negotiable dates, as well as the ones when your guests have plans but are willing to change them. Do remember to include your own schedules so you do not have your wedding in the same day when you are supposed to attend your friend’s bachelorette party. 

Create a calendar

The next step on how to choose a wedding date in LA is to mark on a calendar all the busy weekends, then write down the flexible ones with another color. Now you know which weekends not to have the wedding and which ones offer the possibility to organize it. 

Let guests know

If the only option left is to have your wedding on a certain date, let all your guests know about it prior to contacting any vendors. Ask your important guests to leave the date open for your wedding, but also not to tell anyone else until you have come up with the guest list. You might choose at least one more date as a backup, however do not let anyone know about it unless something unexpected happens. Our Los Angeles wedding planners can help you with this issue.

Most of all, be diplomatic. Do not panic if you have always wanted to have your wedding on a certain weekend but your family members all have other plans on that particular date – that is the reason why you are asking for their plans in the beginning! Give everyone a chance to have an opinion and make an informed decision so that your important guests can be by your side on your special day. 

If you need to know more, please contact our wedding planners in Los Angeles.