How to Choose your Wedding Theme in LA

Updated on Friday 27th May 2016

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How to Choose your Wedding Theme in LA Image
Selecting a theme and a color palette lets you fill your wedding ceremony with your characters and generates a background for your special day that encloses all the features of an elegant piece of art. 
As our wedding planners in Los Angeles suggest, your colors and theme can be spoken in the general feel of your wedding day, as well as the many parts that make your marriage ceremony both exclusive and unforgettable.

Selecting the wedding theme in Los Angeles

When you’re about to choose a theme for your wedding ceremony start with some thinking with our planner in L.A., taking into consideration a few things, like:

•    favorite stuffs you both enjoy;
•    hobbies;
•    how you two met;
•    favorite music, movie or food;
•    fashion style.

Many themes can be relatively difficult and all you want is to effectively communicate your dream in a way that all people joining your wedding ceremony can understand it.

Popular wedding themes in Los Angeles

There are several standard selections for wedding themes that our L.A. wedding planners recommend and here are some of the desired themes:

•    vintage
•    country
•    romantic
•    tropical
•    sports
•    beach
•    retro
•    western
•    oriental

The wedding planner in Los Angeles recommends you to take into consideration the time of the year, in order to have a proper wedding theme. Clearly, a tropical theme won’t show up fine in the middle of winter, since you are most likely inside and the costs of making an island atmosphere indoors may be way over the budget. 

The couple’s duty is to find topics that will match up well with the time of year. When preparing a theme for your marriage ceremony consider if it works with a classy or casual wedding and choose wisely, one of the most important things that our planner in L.A. recommends. 

Choosing the color for your wedding in Los Angeles

Discovering the perfect color pallete for your wedding day is important and if you have already established on a theme you will find that certain ones provide themselves to certain colors.

Our wedding planners in Los Angeles recommend you to consider having a main color with a few accent colors that have a more auxiliary part. Understanding how colors can relate well together will help the newlyweds to put together the impeccable color palette for the special bridal day.

After choosing the right theme for your wedding, our team in Los Angeles recommends you to take care about a few aspects where you will want to define your colors:

•    decorations;
•    place cards;
•    invitations;
•    flowers;
•    menus;
•    programs;
•    centerpieces.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our wedding planners in L.A. if you need help in choosing the right wedding theme