How to Create the Guest List for your LA Wedding

Updated on Wednesday 19th October 2016

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How to Create the Guest List for your LA Wedding Image
Even though planning a wedding can be a lot of fun when it involves trying on bride’s dresses and tasting menus, creating the guest list for your LA wedding often times can prove to be quite difficult. Here are the main guidelines put together by our Los Angeles wedding planners on how to create your wedding guest list.

Simple steps for creating the guest list for your wedding in LA

When beginning to plan the guest list for your wedding in LA, follow these simple steps:

•    Confer with your partner about the size, overall arrangements and location of the wedding. It is important you are both on the same page;
•    Consider your budget and the desired wedding size. Then write down the desired number of guests;
•    Create a list of possible guests, divided into four categories which consist of:
    o    Family members;
    o    Close friends;
    o    Professional friends;
    o    Significant relationships.
•    Ask you parents if they would like to add anyone else to the list. Make sure you give them an around figure in which they should stick with;
•    Make some cutting down rules, like for instance, if you haven’t spoken with somebody for three years or more, he or she should not be invited;
•    Finnish the list with at least nine months to one year before the wedding.

If you need more assistance or further information, a wedding planner in LA can help.

Things to consider when creating the wedding guest list in LA 

Creating the guest list for your wedding in Los Angeles should be the first task to do after the engagement, as knowing how many people will attend is crucial in choosing the ideal venue and all the other arrangements largely depend on it. When creating the guest list, you should first consider the following aspects:

•    Is it a more intimate gathering that you are dreaming of, consisting of only close family members? or
•    Are you imagining a large event with a lot of friends from all the areas of your life?

Remember, each single name you will put down on the guest list will influence your wedding. So choose carefully and most of all, enjoy!

If you would like further guidance on how to create the guest list for your LA wedding, as well as on all other aspects of organizing your special day, please contact our wedding planners in Los Angeles