How to Plan a Vintage Wedding in LA

Updated on Friday 25th November 2016

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Vintage weddings are about recreating that intimate, classy and personal atmosphere of the ‘20s, ‘40s or ‘60s. If you have always dreamed about such a wedding, now is the time to turn your dreams into reality and learn how to plan a vintage wedding in LA.

Vintage venue in LA

The venue where the wedding will take place should reflect the atmosphere of the era that you would like to recreate. A country mansion, for example, would be perfect to recreate the ’50s feel, with a lavish green garden, tuxedo-clad live band and picnic style. A great vintage wedding venue would also be a barn, where you can take amazing photos and organize all the little details according to the epoch of your choice. Our Los Angeles wedding planners can help you choose the ideal venue for your vintage wedding in LA.

Choose a style

Go back in the past. Get inspired by movies, books and artwork to get a feel of the splendor of a certain epoch. Be creative. Choose the era that you would like your wedding to reflect. Is there a certain time in the past that you have always been fascinated by? Now is the time to get more details from your relatives and senior acquaintances to find out how the epoch was, what special wedding traditions were used, how the atmosphere was and so on.

The outfit

When it comes to the bride’s and groom’s outfits, they should definitely reflect that vintage style. The bride could go for a lace wedding dress which will reflect that vintage style and a birdcage veil, accompanied by a small bouquet. The groom’s look is very important, as we all know how stylish gentlemen used to be in those times. He can choose a New York businessman style, with a stylish hat and vintage shoes. As for the bridesmaids, they can all wear long-sleeved gowns and crowns made of flowers which are just as stylish nowadays as they used to be.

Vintage photography in LA

The photography used for a vintage wedding in LA can also reflect the style of the chosen epoch. A wedding planner in Los Angeles can help you decide on the most appropriate style which can best reflect a certain time in the past, and together with the photographer there can be plenty of details worked out so that the wedding photos look just as if they were taken back then.

If you need more help on how to plan a vintage wedding in LA, please feel free to get in touch with our wedding planners in Los Angeles