Obtain a Marriage License in LA

Updated on Saturday 23rd July 2016

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Besides a wedding organization in LA, couples have to keep themselves informed on the administrative aspects that a wedding implies, one of them being obtaining the marriage license in LA. Here is everything you need to know about gaining this important document.

Issuance of the marriage license in LA

You can obtain a marriage license in LA from one of the offices from the list of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder or County Clerk Branch Offices, like the LAX Courthouse or Beverly Hills. Our Los Angeles wedding planners can further guide you to one of the closes offices to you.

Main requirements for obtaining a marriage license in LA

In order to obtain a marriage license in LA, the following requirements need to be met:

•    Present a valid California I.D., passport, driver’s license, certified birth certificate, baptismal record and photo I.D., or foreign resident card if you are older than 18 years of age;
•    Both partners have to be unmarried;
•    If one partner was previously married, he or she has to provide a copy of dissolution/annulment documents;
•    A public marriage license fee (or private marriage license fee if it is the case) of USD 91 has to be paid;
•    A fee of USD 25 has to be paid if the marriage takes place in a civil ceremony.

The forms of payment for these fees can be in cash, check (with a valid I.D.), money order or credit/debit card.

What is not required for obtaining a marriage license in LA

When you wish to obtain a marriage license in LA, you are not required to present:

•    Blood test;
•    Health certificate;
•    Identical last names;
•    A change of name;
•    Residence or citizenship standing.

Changing your name in LA

When planning a wedding in LA, one or both partners of a marriage can choose to change the middle or last names by which he or she wants to be known after the marriage has taken place. Each partner applying for the marriage license can decide on including their new name in the marriage license in the space provided especially for this purpose. However, changing a marriage partner’s name through this process can be only achieved at the date the marriage license is issued by the County Clerk or authorized Notary Public.

Obtaining a marriage license in LA is one of the fists things to take care of when planning your wedding. Our wedding planners in LA can help you organise the wedding of your dreams. We invite you to contact us if you would like us to assist you in planning your special day in LA.