Picking Bridesmaid Dresses for your Wedding in LA

Updated on Friday 28th October 2016

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Picking Bridesmaid Dresses for your Wedding in LA Image
Now that you have organized your special day to the last detail, the venue has been booked, the wedding dress and cake – chosen, it is time to pick the bridesmaid dresses for your LA wedding.  Your special friends who will be aside you on this exceptional occasion for sure will want to be looking glamorous and at their best. Follow these pieces of advice when choosing the bridesmaid attire coming from our wedding planners in Los Angeles and get ready to have an one-of-a-kind event that everyone will remember for ever.

1.    Choose a common component

No matter if you are choosing to match the bridesmaid dresses or not, there should be a common component to all of them from the style point of view. Therefore, go for at least one common aspect which should define your bridesmaids’ look: it could be a common color, fabric neckline or accessory.

2.    Match them with your own bride dress for the wedding in LA

Another tip for matching bridesmaid dresses for a wedding in LA is to analyze your own bride dress. Then visualize the entire style of the wedding. Whether it is modern, more traditional or even vintage, the style of the wedding should dictate that of the bridesmaid dresses, too. For example, if you will be wearing a vaporous lace bride dress, your bridesmaids will probably seem out of place with official taffeta attires. wedding planner in Los Angeles can give you different options when it comes to the fabrics which best suit your bridesmaid dresses for your LA wedding.

3.     Decide on a color for the bridesmaid dresses of your LA wedding

When deciding on a color, review the color schemes at the wedding ceremony and reception venue. Also, make the decision on whether you would like all bridesmaids to wear a certain color, different shades of the same color, or if you would prefer to have bridesmaid dresses in different colors. Get inspired by the natural surroundings and the time of the year in which the wedding is taking place. 
Finally, if you have trouble deciding on a color, just go for your favorite one. 


4.    Adapt

Be ready to adapt to your bridesmaids feedback on what they would prefer to be wearing, although having too many options can sometimes be confusing. A good idea would be to search for brands which offer resembling dresses but with various necklines. 

Still confused? Our wedding planners in Los Angeles are here to help! Contact us for assistance on choosing the right bridesmaid dresses for your LA wedding, as well as on all the other aspects of planning your wedding.