Planning a Bachelorette Party in Los Angeles

Updated on Thursday 19th May 2016

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Planning a Bachelorette Party in Los Angeles Image
The maid of honor is frequently the person in charge for scheduling a bachelorette party. But if the maid of honor lives out of town, another bridesmaid may grab the responsibility.
Because the final goal is to give the bride a fun and remarkable night, you should make sure all aspects in the party arrangement process are taken into consideration, with the help of our wedding planners in Los Angeles.

To do list for a great bachelorette party in L.A.

Determining what and how to carry on with a mission like that can be made easy if you follow a few steps: 

•    create a list of the women invited to the wedding party and involve them in the organization of the bachelorette party.
•    depending on the type of event you want to organize, our wedding planner in L.A. recommends you to take account of both the bride and groom's mothers.
•    choose a date for the event and if it's not a surprise for the bride you can include her in this decision, along with the friends in the wedding party. After that, the wife-to-be should not be involved in any future decision making.

Our wedding planners in L.A. can provide you with interesting ideas and they can recommend the best and most accessible locations for your party. Also, they can suggest original themes and can offer interesting ideas on the evening’s dress-code, for a memorable bachelorette party.

If the budget allows, our wedding planners in Los Angeles propose a night or two at an elegant resort that offers a spa treatment and exquisite dinner.  In the last week before the bachelorette party, the event organizer, alongside with the wedding planner, need to plan a few important steps, such as:

•    create a list of the games you want to play, with funny rules; 
•    collaborate with your maids and make a list of the naughty missions the bride will have to achieve during the evening;
•    buy some bachelorette party accessories, such as a novelty veil or tiara or other funny things;
•    confirm transportation preparations, if needed.

As our wedding planners in Los Angeles remind, a bachelorette party needs booking, so you want to have a good count of people early enough to make arrangements. Don’t forget to retell to the guests that the event is a surprise, if it is, and notify them of any cover fees or other costs required for the big event.

Creative ideas for an original bachelorette party in L.A.

If you want to throw the bride-to-be a great bachelorette party, but you're working with limited resources, our wedding planner in Los Angeles can help you with a few interesting ideas.

Slumber party
A pajama party is always a good way to get in touch with your friends, particularly if you and the bride are friends since childhood.
All you have to do is to choose a place to settle down and have some girls fun!

Dinner gathering
Invite the girls over for a gourmet dinner, look for a delicious recipe, have some wine and get cooking. 
You can also invite the groom and his friends over for dessert, or even better, include them in a cooking contest!

A night out
Even if you have an established budget, you can also have fun in town with your best friends.
Just pick a few local bars and don’t forget, the smaller the bar, the more attention your group will have.

If you want to throw a bachelorette party, please contact our team of wedding planners in Los Angeles.