Planning a Yacht Wedding in LA

Updated on Wednesday 20th July 2016

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Out of all different ways in which you can include waterscape venues into your wedding plans, certainly planning a yacht wedding in LA is one of the most sophisticated and stylish. Picture saying your vows on deck during the sunset, continued by an elegant reception under the stars…

The cruise of your dreams in LA

No matter what the style of your wedding might be or the number of guests you have invited, there is a yacht to lodge it. A yacht cruise can suit all types of wedding ceremonies, from small gatherings to grand events. A yacht is appropriate for the ceremony itself, as well as the reception, and in many cases the captain can be authorized to officiate.

Furthermore, there are options for all budget sizes when planning a yacht wedding in LA. The cruise can take only a few hours for your celebration, or you can rent a yacht for a longer time in order to spend your honeymoon with your chosen one. Either way, you will have an unforgettable experience.

Advantages of a yacht wedding in LA

When planning a yacht wedding in LA, you will take advantage of certain benefits that no other wedding venue can offer, like:

•    The crew will provide anything from flower arrangements to decorations, food and entertainment;
•    Certain offers can be less pricey than a wedding on land with ceremony and reception in separate locations;
•    There are less expenses on decorations, because the yacht and continuously changing views are so spectacular;
•    Our LA wedding planners will take care of all the details of organizing your ceremony on a yacht, so that you can enjoy your special day without any stress!

Most common departures from LA

If you are planning a yacht wedding in LA, you and your guests have the chance to enjoy the sceneries of one of the most spectacular coastlines in the U.S. Most usual departure points for wedding cruises are Marina Del Ray, Long Beach and Newport Beach. The cruises which host weddings generally sail along the more tranquil marina canals rather than venturing further out into the ocean. There are a lot of hotels in the proximity of all yacht harbors that can accommodate your guests. We can make all the arrangements for the hotel reservations to make sure you do not have to worry about this aspect either.

Contact our Los Angeles wedding planners for a customized offer if you want to celebrate your wedding on a yacht.