Reserve Rooms for your Wedding Guests

Updated on Wednesday 19th October 2016

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If you have decided to get married in LA and you have a lot of guests coming from outside the town or country, you should take into consideration how to reserve rooms for your wedding guests in LA. There can be numerous options available and it is advisable to reserve the rooms in time for family members, friends or special guests who are eager to attend your special wedding reception. A wedding planner in Los Angeles from our team can be at your service to guide you on this significant step, so ensure you let us know if you have any preferences or ideas when looking for hotel rooms.

Hotel room blocks in LA

The most common categories of hotel room blocks for your wedding guests in LA are:

1.    Closed (also known as guaranteed) blocks;
2.    Open (also known as courtesy) blocks.

1.    Closed (guaranteed) blocks: these are hotel reservations when the hotel requests a deposit to block off the rooms and will charge you for any unsold rooms. Sometimes they will charge a percentage, or a set amount of money, which is called an attrition rate. 

2.    Open (courtesy) blocks: these generally will not charge you for any unsold rooms. Usually, this type of block reservation requires that you make the booking with around 30 to 90 days before the wedding date. Rooms which are not reserved by the booking date are rented to regular clients at the hotel’s price. 

No matter which type of block you will choose, you have to be careful with the number of rooms that you reserve. It is difficult to make an estimation of how many rooms will be needed before your guests confirm their participation to the wedding. Our Los Angeles wedding planners can help you with this aspect. 

Aspects to consider when booking the hotel rooms in LA

All couples want to offer memorable and special experiences for their family members and friends who wish to attend to their wedding in LA. A good way to impress them even more is to also reserve some spa sessions at the hotel before or immediately after the wedding. Numerous luxury hotels in LA also offer exclusive meals and excellent amenities when you reserve rooms for your wedding guests, so it should be fairly easy to impress them.

If you need further details on how to reserve rooms for your wedding guests, as well as if you need the services of our wedding planners in Los Angeles, we invite you to get in touch with us