Sound and Lighting Design for your Wedding in LA

Updated on Thursday 18th August 2016

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Sound and Lighting Design for your Wedding in LA Image
Of course you'll want that your wedding guests talk about your big day long after your wedding day has come and gone and sound and lighting design have decisive influence on the overall impression. Also, a beautiful reception setting can be magically lit with great effects, followed by sublime sound, just to immerse guests in an atmosphere that cannot be easily forgotten.

With vast experience in the matter, our wedding planners in Los Angeles can help you with various attractive sound and lighting design ideas in order to imprint a remarkable memory about your extraordinary wedding day in your guests' minds.

Sound design ideas on your wedding in Los Angeles

Even though it cannot be seen, sound can be felt in a delighted, fantastic way, creating the dominant atmosphere of the wedding ceremony and reception. This is why it's important to have a professional power amplifier that will make people want to express themselves on the dance floor.

Here are some recommendations from our LA wedding planners who will help you with making the right choices regarding sound matters for your big day:
•    if you choose a band to perform at your wedding, you must find out if they have a complete sound equipment or you need to rent one;
•    if you prefer having a DJ, you have to know the same details as in the case of a band, and should look for professional DJ equipment if necessary;
•    you should think of what kind of wedding you wish for, an intimate one or a lively one so our wedding planners in Los Angeles know what systems will match your sound preferences (such as a Pioneer CDJ 2000 record decks or Pioneer DJM 900 mixers).

Lightning design for your wedding party in Los Angeles 

As well as for the sound, the visual effects are paid much attention, especially when are in perfect combination with the sound effects. As said before, depending on your preferences, based on subtle and diffused light or colorful and vivid plays of light, LA wedding planners will help you with personalizing your light options.

In addition, you must know that lighting is linked to the wedding theme you choose and it sets some important aspects to bear in mind.

An effective option and perfect for any lighting choices can be the gobo lighting, which creates a personalized and spectacular atmosphere. A projector will reflect photos and texts such as your names, your love story or other special messages you prefer. 

Also, if you are the romantic type, an attractive idea would be different arrangements of candles. We will help you ornate your centerpieces with floating candles in water or cluster candles for glowing tables. Another magical image would be given by suspended candles from tall floral arrangements that will remind your guests of unique fireflies.

A classical option would be the disco effects lighting and plays of light that will invite your friends and family to share your happiness on the dance floor. There are several ways of arranging them, depending on the space available and the ideas that grooms flirt with when they think about their dream wedding lightings.

Magic moments can be also performed using video and photo projections, special and unique sound and lighting or different scenic elements, that our wedding planners in Los Angeles will be ready to prepare on the wedding script (according to your demands), in order to have an amazing ceremony. 

If you are interested in creating specially personalized wedding sound and lightings, please contact our wedding specialists in LA.