Table Setup for your Wedding in Los Angeles

Updated on Wednesday 10th August 2016

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Table Setup for your Wedding in Los Angeles Image
When talking about wedding table setup, we all know that this is an important aspect that gives a special touch of elegance to the event planned by our wedding planners in Los Angeles. Regardless of the way the tables are arranged, every wedding in Los Angeles has great table setups, matching the grooms and guests' energy.

This is why the reception seating is so important, because it leaves a personalized mark on the whole wedding picture.

The ceremony table setup in Los Angeles

Everyone knows how important is to make guests feel comfortable at such an event. Therefore, this is a very delicate aspect, especially when establishing where certain guests should seat. Here are some important aspects you should bear in mind when organizing the wedding table setup:
•    the grooms will be seated in the center of the table setup, at middle of the head table, together with the groomsmen and the bridal party;
•    guests' seating should be based on the level of acquaintance, circles of friends, family members, sympathies or antipathies;
•    wedding participants must be respected and be seated with people they feel comfortable with.

Types of table setup for your wedding in Los Angeles

Our wedding planners in Los Angeles will help you to choose the best table setup, fitting the level of intimacy and coziness you need to have at your wedding ceremony. Even though family style seating gives the idea of friendship and communion, it is not the only harmonious table setup.

An elegant and sumptuous choice are the round tables, whether they are normal (8 or 10 guests at a table) or smaller, with a sense of privacy for the wedding participants. If round tables are not your style, since they are perfect for traditional type of wedding, you can choose square tables, which have a modern touch and can be placed in different ways, fitting better next to each other. 

Anyway, our wedding planners in Los Angeles will even help you fit large or long tables if this is what you want for the perfect reception seating. It's important to make guests know their comfort matters to you in the whole wedding picture.

You need to know that our wedding planners in Los Angeles will find the best solution in combining your location's resources and your preferences for the best wedding table setup. So please feel free to contact our wedding planners in LA for more information regarding table setups for your wedding.