Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides in LA

Updated on Saturday 26th November 2016

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Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides in LA Image
Weddings are events when we want everything to be perfect and there is a certain etiquette that ought to be followed to make sure it is as classy and stylish as you have always dreamed. Brides make no exception to this rule. Here are a few tips on wedding etiquette for brides in LA.


When it is appropriate to wear a white dress?

The wedding etiquette for brides in LA dictates that a white dress is appropriate for a bride when she gets married for the first time. White is the symbol of purity, and not virginity as some might assume.

When to announce your wedding in LA on social media

It is recommended to make the big announcement to your close friends in person or via other means of communication first before changing your status on Facebook. Our wedding planners in Los Angeles advise you to inform your family and close friends first, and, according to the wedding etiquette for brides in LA, only after that it is appropriate to make the announcement of social media. 

Napkin etiquette at your wedding in LA

According to the wedding etiquette for brides in LA, napkins are to be folded in half and put on your lap immediately after you sit at the table, with the napkin crease facing towards you. Pat, not wipe, your lips on the inside of the napkin corner so that you don’t stain your wedding gown when you place it back on your lap. When you leave the table, a wedding planner in Los Angeles advises you to just pinch the napkin in the middle and place it on your chair, not on the table were the stains can be seen.

Who walks the bride down the aisle?

Usually, it is the job of the bride’s father to walk the bride down the aisle. If that is not possible, it is appropriate for an uncle, brother or a close friend to do so. The bride always stays on the left of her escort, which is a reminder of old times when he had to have his right arm free for the sword to protect her. While they walk towards the alter, she does so being on her family side for support. When she returns on her new husband’s arm, she does that on his side of the establishment, being symbolically made part of his family.

Decided to get married and do not know where to start with the wedding planning? Our wedding planners in Los Angeles can help. Please contact us for assistance or if you would like to know more tips on the wedding etiquette for brides in LA.