Wedding Invitations in LA

Updated on Monday 29th August 2016

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Since the invites represent your wedding etiquette and provide vital information for the guests, you must be very careful on how they will look like.

Our LA wedding planners will help you choose the most suitable design and text for your wedding invitations so that they remind guests of your personality or your sense of humor.

What the text on your wedding invitations in LA should include 

First of all, you should think of all the important details that every guest would like to know such as: your names and your parents', the date of the event, the church where the religious ceremony will take place, the venue reception for the party and the contact details for the presence confirmation at the wedding - all of these, of course, written in an original way, so that you would make any potential guest smile and want to attend to your big day.

On one hand, our wedding planners in LA recommend not including your registry info on your save-the-dates or invitations, because it can sound as though you're asking for gifts.

If you have a wedding website, you should include it on your LA wedding invitations. In this way the guests will find more details about your love story and wedding, or other things that couldn't be mentioned on the invitations. 

Another imperative aspect to write in your invitation is the dress-code assigned to your event. The invitation's design should be in keeping with the wedding theme. For example, if the grooms are passionate about traveling, the invitations could look like plane tickets. Also, for the ones who love board games, a playful riddle or a game commandment could represent their wedding invite

Other important aspects to keep in mind regarding your wedding invitations in LA

Save-the-date and RSVP cards are just as important as your invitations, because additional information is provided through them, being sent out in key-moments of your wedding organization process. In order to be sure that your wedding participants got the dates, you have to write them in an attractive manner. Wedding planners in LA know how to make the perfect correlation between these wedding cards so that every detail comes at the right moment.

Also, the guests should be invited both at your ceremony and reception, so that you don't get wrong impressions such as you don't care to have them actually celebrating your newly-married status or that you don't want to pay for their plate. Anyway, both cases would provide proof of rude so your wedding invitations in LA must be clear and adequate on wording.

Most important, our wedding planners in LA recommend sending invitations out with 6 to 8 weeks before the event, so that guest will have enough time to clear their schedule and to make their traveling arrangements (if they are from another town).

Regarding these aspects and many more, our LA wedding planners will make proper recommendations on what your wedding invitations in LA should contain and the way they should be written and designed, so that any rules of politeness and etiquette would be observed.

Please contact our specialists' team if you are interested in choosing the best invitation suppliers and the perfect invitations matching your wedding theme.