8 Tips for Planning a Wedding in LA

Updated on Friday 16th December 2016

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8 Tips for Planning a Wedding in LA Image
After the big question has been popped and the wedding date has been decided comes the hard part. How to deal with all the aspects involved in organizing your big event? Below you can find eight tips for planning a wedding in LA from our Los Angeles wedding planners.

1.    Budget and organization

Nowadays it is common that both sets of parents contribute to the wedding expenses. The first thing you should do is find out how much exactly they can help you with, so that you know what to expect. Also, it is a good idea to acquire a notebook as soon as possible and write down the expenses, as well as the available finances. Then, you will be able to look for ways to lower the expenses. Our Los Angeles wedding planners can assist you on this matter.

2.    Delegate

Plan your wedding day so that you do not do anything yourself. Obviously, you will be occupied to have your hair styled, your makeup done, and generally, becoming even more beautiful than you are. Instead, you can delegate a wedding planner in Los Angeles to take care of dealing with the vendors, setting up the drinks menu, arrange the tables and so on, so that your day runs smoothly as you have always dreamt of.

3.    Expect the unexpected

No matter how much you plan, there are always going to be certain aspects that you did not expect to happen. An important wedding tip is not to be too much of a perfectionist, after all your journey together is just about to start. Remember the big picture and maintain a sense of humour!

4.    Find a venue in LA

Adapt your dream wedding to the conditions, season and budget. Our wedding planners in Los Angeles can present you with plenty of options when it comes to the wedding venue so that you can choose the one you feel is most suitable. Then start scheduling visits in order to make a decision.

5.    Choose the vendors in LA

Look at vendors when it comes to photography, videography, music, décor, flowers, as well as caterers. Now is the right time to practice those negotiation skills, as costs can be reduced by making sure that you get what you ask for and you do not order in excess.

6.    Decide on the wedding attires

When it comes to the wedding attires, obviously you will have to decide on the bride’s dress, the bridesmaids’ and the groom’s outfits. Match the attires with the wedding theme and venue, so that everything looks perfect in those wedding pictures.

7.    Send the wedding invitations

Make a list of the wedding guests together with your loved one, decide on a personalized format and send them out. Or, you could save down some costs and send the wedding invitations by email or social media, which could allow you to make them even more fun.

8.    Organize your beauty plan

Do not forget to look your best on your special day! Now is the right time to start training, eat healthy, sleep well, decide on a hairstylist and schedule some makeup tests so that everything will be perfect.

For more advice on planning your LA wedding, please contact our wedding planners in Los Angeles.