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Updated on Friday 16th September 2016

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Welcome to our "About us" page! We are excited that you want to meet our team of wedding planners in Los Angeles!

We are a wedding planning agency in Los Angeles. We are aware that the wedding day is an extremely special day for you, therefore we deliver various event planning packages and personalized services in order to meet your needs in the most appropriate manner possible. Our team is committed to offering high quality wedding planning services in LA and we enjoy what we do. We are here to plan, project and offer a memorable event for you, your family and your guests.

Benefits of our wedding planning agency in LA

There are numerous advantages that we, as your wedding planner in LA, can offer you. Here are the most important ones:

•    Cost effective: we negotiate important discounts with the vendors;
•    Saves you effort and time: generally, a wedding takes approximately 400 hours to plan;
•    You can enjoy your wedding without worries besides your family and friends;
•    We take care of the crisis behind the closed doors;
•    Allows your family and friends to have fun on this special day;
•    We provide wedding day coordination services;
•    We vouch for trustworthy vendors;
•    We assist you in shaping a budget and stick to it;
•    We discuss with you your own vision and make it a reality;
•    We bring along our experience and knowledge in wedding planning.

Customized services of our wedding planners in LA

Our Los Angeles wedding planners are extremely passionate about what they do. We make a living from what we love, and we are grateful for it. Our clients testify that letting us plan their wedding for them implies having somebody by their side who understands their needs and who will be relentless in realizing what they want. 

If you have more questions before getting started, we would love to hear from you. And congratulations on your wedding!  

There are plenty of aspects that need to be planned in order to create the perfect wedding and our experts in Los Angeles can handle all of them. For a personalized offer, please contact our team of local wedding planners at: office@planlawedding.com.