How Can You Save on Décor Expenses for Your Wedding in LA?

Updated on Monday 02nd January 2017

How Can You Save on Décor Expenses for Your Wedding in LA? Image
Original, attractive decorations are key to a successful wedding. They can create a great atmosphere, have a great impact and add romance and beauty to the event. However, they can add up to quite a big expense which could seriously affect your budget. Here are a few tips on how you can save on décor expenses when planning your wedding in LA

Use lighting as your LA wedding décor

Any location can acquire a romantic and attractive look with the right lighting. A lighting designer can help you choose the most appropriate tabletops and centerpieces to create a sparkling atmosphere. 

Different colors can be used to match the wedding theme and make the wedding seem more intimate. Chandeliers could also be rented to add class to a simple outdoor or indoor venue. A wedding planner in Los Angeles can assist you to find a reliable lighting designer in the area.

Local shopping

Shopping locally for tablescape products will enable you to save money on shipping and delivery costs. Also, consider visiting local antique shops and similar home stores, where you are likely to find original décor items at extremely convenient prices. Our Los Angeles wedding planners can offer more advice on this matter.

Share with another wedding in LA

A great way to save money on your LA wedding décor expenses would be to discuss with your wedding venue provider about who will have another wedding before or after yours. Ask whether they would be willing to share their décor with you. 

The decorations do not have to be the same in both receptions, however maybe you could share the costs of installing or removing it. 

Or, if your ceremony will take place at a church, maybe the couple after you would be willing to use the floral arrangements, candleholders or pillars that you chose for your own. This way, you can share the costs for these items. Obviously, your ceremony can be original by adding your own accent flowers or colored candles.

Consider prices of buying and renting

Certain shops or markets have lower prices of buying for certain luxury products that can be used at your wedding, so make sure you do a proper research before deciding whether you would like to rent or buy. 

Our wedding planners in Los Angeles can give you more tips on how to save money on your LA wedding décor. If you need our assistance, or if you would like us to help you with the entire wedding planning process, please get in touch with us.