What Are the Main Duties of the Maid of Honor?

Updated on Monday 19th December 2016

What Are the Main Duties of the Maid of Honor? Image
Being named the maid of honor is a sign of friendship and trust. Not only does it mean that the bride considers you her best friend, but also that she relies on your support through the entire process of organizing the wedding, as well as throughout the entire wedding day. So, what are the main duties of the maid of honor? Our wedding planners in Los Angeles answer this question that they are asked pretty often by our clients.

Join the wedding appointments in LA

When it is possible, one of the responsibilities of the maid of honor is to accompany the bride to the wedding appointments. These could include appointments for décor and event rentals, visits to the wedding venues and obviously, fittings for the bride’s gown. Sometimes, the maid of honor can also help choose the dresses for the bridesmaids and assist in coordinating them with the groomsmen.

Help organize the bridesmaids

Before the wedding, it is traditionally the maid’s of honor main responsibility to attend all the pre-wedding parties and help organize the bachelorette party together with the bridesmaids. She will usually also keep track of the gifts brought for the bride at different parties and showers, as well as ensure that all the bridesmaids arrive in time for the wedding rehearsal and arrange the transportation and accommodation, if needed.

On the wedding day in LA

On the wedding day, among the main duties of the maid of honor, a wedding planner in Los Angeles would like to mention staying close to the bride, so that when she needs something, you can help her with it in no time. The maid of honor also makes sure that the bridesmaids are organized according to the plan and that they know where to stay and what they will be doing. Also, it is her responsibility to witness and sign the marriage certificate in order to make the union legitimate. After the vows, the maid of honor has the duty of holding a toast for the newlyweds, which can be romantic, funny or sweet. 

For more details about the main duties of the maid of honor, please get in touch with our Los Angeles wedding planners.