FAQ about Wedding Planning in LA

Updated on Monday 24th October 2016

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Do you have an enquiry? Please read the following frequently asked questions our wedding planners in Los Angeles most commonly receive.

Why hire a wedding planner in Los Angeles?

It is one of the most common frequently asked questions about planning a wedding in LA. A lot of couples get confused when it comes to how to start, how much to spend and how to select the vendors who are most suitable to their needs and desires. Organizing a wedding also involves logistical matters, like the events timing, parking spaces, the placement of the wedding cake table and knowing the most reputable vendors in the area, besides selecting the colors, bridal party dress and menu. A wedding planner in Los Angeles is here for you to help you with all these matters, saving you time, money and making sure you have a marvelous time at your special event!

What is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner in Los Angeles?

There is a huge difference between venue coordinators and wedding planners in Los Angeles. A venue coordinator is in charge of setting up the tables and chairs, food, parking and all the details when it comes to using the wedding venue. A wedding planner in Los Angeles on the other hand, is the one who organizes all the complicated details of your wedding, offers help from start to end, copes with the logistics, helps you set a wedding budget, assists you with the design of the event, and many more aspects. 

What types of weddings do you plan?

We help our clients plan all types of weddings, from the traditional ballroom wedding to beach weddings, castle ones, backyard or cocktail party weddings, weddings on small budgets as well as huge guest list ones, and the list can go on. We pretty much love working with couples who are radiating with excitement, love and joy.

How do you charge?

We charge a fixed rate for our services. We believe that you do not have to be charged more for our services just because you dispose of a larger wedding budget. If you make the decision of hiring us and need an additional service, this is charged a la carte by service or we offer the option of a set rate per hour.

If you have more questions about wedding planning in LA, please do not hesitate to contact our Los Angeles wedding planners.