Planning your Beach Wedding in Los Angeles

Updated on Thursday 12th May 2016

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Planning your Beach Wedding in Los Angeles Image
Beach weddings in the beautiful and exquisite city of Los Angeles will be a splendid memory that newlyweds will never forget. Couples come from all over the world to exchange their vows of matrimony on softly sandy beaches, with the sunlight shining on the water and breath-taking sunsets as a background alongside the Pacific Ocean.


Our  wedding planners in Los Angeles will transform your dreams into a wonderful reality

The beautiful Southern California is always ready for eternity vows. Our wedding planners in L.A. can offer customized packages for every couple, taking into consideration their budget and, the most important, their ideas, visions and expectations for a perfect wedding down the beach

Here are the main items included in the wedding beach package:

•    Plan, customize and coordinate all aspects of your L.A. beach wedding
•    Selecting the location/restaurant
•    Creating the theme and the wanted design;
•    Reception and ceremony floor plans
•    Reception and ceremony setup
•    Choosing the right photographer
•    Transportation appointments
•    Accommodation arrangements
•    Coordinating all vendors
•    Assisting the bride and the groom with the dressing part
•    Cake table, dance floor and table number stands
•    Arranging rose petals before the ceremony begins

Your perfect beach wedding in Los Angeles starts with a few tips

Having a daytime ceremony for a splendid ocean view that shows one of the most beautiful backgrounds would be an exquisite option for a memorable special day. Having an excellent sound system, between the wind and the waves and also a windscreen cover for the microphone, so that the guests can hear the vows are two ideas that you should take into attention. Dressing properly with sand-friendly fabrics will allow you dance and party all day down the beach, on your wedding day.

Prepare a wind plan because windy afternoons and evenings can be a little bit chilly and sandy. In this case, the grooms will have to check the weather before the big ceremony and always have a backup plan.

Spending the perfect day of your life on the beautiful and astonishing California beaches comes along with primary meetings with our wedding planners from L.A., that will guide you from the beginning until the final moment of your splendid wedding day.  

Starting with the right foot when you plan such a big event requires proper guidance and for this reason, please feel free to contact us and get in touch with our bridal specialists that will offer the quality services for your dream wedding day.