Planning your Engagement Party in LA

Updated on Tuesday 17th May 2016

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Planning your Engagement Party in LA Image
The engagement party formally starts the wedding festivities and prepares the wedding day count-down. 

Usually, the bride’s family create the engagement celebration, but frequently the groom’s family likes to share in the events by cohosting the occasion or having one of its own. 

Here are a few important steps that our wedding planners in Los Angeles propose for a great engagement party that you will remember forever:

•    choose a date soon after you are getting engaged, while the good news is fresh and perhaps surprising for your friends and family.
•    create the guest list and make sure that all the people at your engagement party will be also at your wedding.
•    choose a location, such as a restaurant or a local pub. You might also want to throw the engagement party at a friend’s house or backyard.
•    send hand-write invitations for your engagement event, to keep it modest and classy.
•    plan a menu, with simple and tasty appetizers or an interesting buffet.

 Decide a budget for your engagement party in Los Angeles

Even if you're having a very low-key occasion a budget is still a good idea because you will want to have a sense of what's accurate to spend. Our Los Angeles wedding planners can help you organize your budget, according to your preferences and will also assistance you thin down location ideas and pick the number of guests you can invite.

If you want a special decoration for your engagement event you can avoid matching the design, the theme or the colors of your wedding with it. You can keep it simple but original and one of our wedding planners in L.A. can propose you a few small arrangements or even “do it yourself” projects.

Have a dream party with our wedding planners in L.A.

For this significant event the wedding planner in Los Angeles can help you choose an excellent location in the beautiful city, original design and theme after an established budget.

Also there will be full assistance in selecting catering services in case the engagement party will take place in other location than a restaurant.

As we know, simple details make the difference even when we are talking about an engagement party, so our wedding planners in L.A. suggest the newlyweds to have some fun in creating their own invitations.

Besides those mentioned above, young couple must take into consideration the guest list, which should coincide with the one of the wedding.

The important moment of an engagement party besides fun is letting your two families get to know each other, so for a perfect event please don’t hesitate to contact our wedding planners in Los Angeles.